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Dry vs Damaged

The differences between damaged hair and dry hair are often very subtle, but they matter. It’s important to take the time to find out exactly what your hair needs and to start incorporating the best products into your routine. Our Aveda Artists team uses a series of tests to help you determine if your hair needs repair or hydration.
You can conduct these tests on your own at home or sit down with an Aveda hair care expert for a complimentary Hair & Scalp Check. This professional analysis of your hair’s health is available at all of our retail locations. Ready to get started?
What causes hair damage?
Many factors contribute to hair damage. Environmental damage can be caused by UV rays and pollution. Heat styling from curling irons and blow-dryers and physical factors (like brushing, styling, detangling and extensions) can also put added stress on strands. Relaxers, perms and other chemical treatments along with hair colouring and bleaching can also cause damage.
You can spot some damage just by looking at your hair and paying attention to how it behaves in different situations. Split ends or broken strands and variations in thickness are signs of hair damage.
Damaged hair also may feel fragile, especially when wet and often reacts to the weather, getting frizzy in humidity or brittle in dry, cold environments.
The elasticity test
Elasticity is how well your hair stretches and returns to its original length. Hair with good elasticity is stronger and more resilient. When hair is damaged, hair elasticity may be compromised, making it weak and prone to breakage.
This test helps determine elasticity and whether or not the hair is damaged.
STEP 1: Start by holding a strand of wet hair securely at your scalp using two fingers.
STEP 2: With your other hand, gently pull the strand upwards and release the hair.
STEP 3: If your hair stretches and easily breaks, you have poor elasticity and are experiencing damage. If your hair stretches and remains slightly stretched out, meaning it doesn’t fully bounce back, you have medium elasticity. If your hair stretches and returns back to its normal state, you have good elasticity and likely little to no damage.
Still, wondering if you’re experiencing damage? Ask yourself these three questions:
• Do you colour or chemically treat your hair?
• Does your hair break or split?
• Are your ends brittle or thinner?
If you answered “‘yes” to most of these questions, your hair is in need of strengthening. Our botanical repair™ system is expertly formulated to help you address all of these issues.

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