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Botanical Repair

Looking to get healthier, stronger and shinier looking hair? Next time you’re at an Aveda salon, ask for a botanical repair™ professional treatment.  Our innovative new treatments harness the power of plants to strengthen damaged hair to help reduce breakage.
Plant-derived. Created sustainably.
Every Aveda product harnesses plants’ power to create results-based products, and our in-salon treatments are no exception. We reinvented how we approach hair care with botanical repair™ professional treatments. These bond-building treatments help to strengthen hair from the inside out.
Our new treatments are 93% naturally derived* and scientifically formulated to work on all hair types and textures while also being safe for use on colour treated and chemically processed hair.  These plant-powered formulas are also vegan, cruelty-free, and silicone and sulphate cleanser free, so you can look good and feel even better about using our high-performance hair treatments.
Strengthen damaged hair
Our team of renowned scientists searched worldwide for powerful plant actives and spent six years testing them until they uncovered the exact sequence that helps protect three key layers of the hair: the cortex, cuticle and the outermost player. Our new standard for hair care starts with botanical repair™.
The cortex is the innermost layer of the hair strand responsible for texture, colour and hair strength. The plant-powered molecules in botanical repair™  help build bonds in this layer, creating a super-strong network of connections.
The cuticle, an outer layer that provides protection, is nourished by our macro green blend of certified organic green tea, avocado and sacha inchi. Rich in essential fatty acids, this blend leaves the cuticle smooth, shiny, flexible and detangled to prevent future breakage.
The hair’s f-layer is an invisible lipid layer that seals in the cuticle and acts as a natural conditioner, keeping hair looking shiny, smooth and silky. Our bio-shield complex of corn and coconut delivers a coating to the hair’s outermost surface. It also protects from humidity and water that can make hair more fragile.
Find your transformative treatment.
If you’re wondering if your hair is in need of repair, start by asking yourself these questions:
• Do you colour or chemically treat your hair?
• Does your hair break or split?
• Are your ends brittle or thinner?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, your hair is in need of treatment. From colour treatment add-ons to a treatment-focused hair and scalp intensive service, the new botanical repair™ professional treatments will instantly transform your hair. 

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